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1 Increase Release Rate
2 Decrease Release Rate
3 Select Climb Skill
4 Select Float Skill
5 Select Bomb Skill
6 Select Block Skill
A Select Build Skill
S Select Bash Skill
D Select Mine Skill
F Select Dig Skill
Space Pause
T Nuke
~ X-ray View
W Fast/Step Backward
Left Shift + W Faster Backward
E Fast/Step Forward
Left Shift + E Faster Forward

Holding down the right mouse button changes the selection algorithm.

Playing with touch controls works, but a mouse is recommended.

Touching with two or three fingers performs fast/step backward/forward depending on which half of the screen is touched.

"Replaying" appears in the status text when the game state has been stepped back to a state before one or more actions were performed. These actions will be performed again automatically unless "replaying" is cancelled. "Replaying" can be cancelled by performing an action or by pressing the left mouse button (or touching) in the level viewport.